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Do you need a deep tissue massage treatment that will help your recovery, increase the circulation and improve the elasticity in your muscles? Or maybe a more easy massage that will help you to relax is more suitable for you? Our professional masseurs can help you with both!

Massage can be given in treatment, preventative and relaxation purpose. It can help if you have problem with aching, tensed and short muscles. Masage can also help to reduce problems with headache and stress.

You do not have to be a member in KTH-hallen to book a massage.

Our masseurs in KTH-hallen: Niina, Paola and Linda

Click here to book a massage!


30 min 350 SEK
45 min 495 SEK
60 min 595 SEK

30 min 5 sessions 1630 SEK
30 min 10 sessions 3150 SEK

45 min 5 sessions 2995 SEK
45 min 10 sessions 4455 SEK

60 min 5 sessions 2765 SEK
60 min 10 sessions 5355 SEK