Personal Training

About Personal Training

To work out with a Personal Trainer (PT) is nothing like the training that you have done on your own. Your PT is a professional training partner that will help you reach your goals while you at the same time will learn a lot about training.

No mather what your goal is or your previous training experience, your PT will help you make your training effective, safe and motivating.

A PT can help you with everything from getting started with your workout to add specific training program for a specific purpose, such as losing weight or building muscles. Of course you can also get help to rehabilitate injuries or prevent problems. We have knowledge of most aspects of health and training.

Our personal trainer can help you:
-To the quickest and most effective way to lose weight
-Motivate you to, once and for all, achieve your fitness goals
-Reacing your goals faster through a holistic approach that involves both diet and exercise
-Work out effective and secure

This is how it works

1- You choose which of our personal trainers you want to hire by looking at their profiles here on the website or at the front desk at KTH-Hallen. You always have the right to, free to change, change to another PT. We offer a 15-20 minutes free consultation, where you talk about your training background, any injuries or illnesses and what your fitness goals are. Maybe weight loss, muscle building, rehabilitating an injury or training for a running event is your goal.

2- Select the type of personal training (single or packages) you want to invest in. To make it as easy as possible for you, you can buy this both through our website or on site at KTH-Hallen.

3- Your PT makes a personalized training program. This plan includes your first program that describes both how you will start training and any changes to your lifestyle including diet changes. You and your PT decide how often you should work out together. Some want to train almost every workout with their Personal Trainer, some just want to meet a couple of times a month.

Our Personal Trainers (PTs)

Niina Frölid
As a personal trainer, I work to see the body as a whole. The focus is on functional and effective training to build a consistently strong body. My goal is to find exercises that will motivate you and that will give you result and well-being.I want to meet you where you are today with your training. I will help your goals no matter who they are.

Exercising correctly with free weights is not always easy. With my help you will be able to improve your technique in the basic exercises with free weights and kettlebell. I can also help you within running if you want to improve running technique, strength and/or to improve your personal best.

I am also educated at the Back Surgery Center to train clients who have has been diagnosed with disc rupture, spinal stenosis or other lower back problems.

Lic. Personal Trainer
Cert. massage therapist
Instructor cycle and core
Training in Orthopedics Lumbar Back for Personal Trainer at Back Surgery Centre


Caroline Tyrenius
Inspiration, knowledge and development is my motto when it comes to health!

Since several years back I have been working with health and training as a personal trainer, group instructor, nutritionist and weight loss coach. I have a background in swimming and running. I generally love individual training in all forms. It does not matter if it is a tough, intensive interval workout or a calm yoga class! And I share this attitude with my clients.

As a personal trainer I want to inspire and challenge you! It should be fun and rewarding to work out, as well as there must be a purpose and goal. I coach you in the gym, on the running track and within functional
training. With me you will often find core and mobility in the training sessions but the focus is of course on your needs and desires.

For me it is important to give you the inspiration, knowledge and development in you training – mixed with a lot of energy and engagement from my side!

EA licensed personal trainer, Lillsved Folkhögskola
Diet during training, Diet and Health (30 p), Umeå University
SAFE-license group training instructor
Health Profile Education (Hälsoprofilbedömarutbildning)
Instructor in box, core, aerobics, spinning, functional training, etc.
Wellness massage- and energy massage education
Swimming instructor education, Step 1 and Step 2


Linda Sjölund
I always work on the basis that every client is unique. Your specific goals and personal circumstances are my focus during our training. For me, training is a given thing and I am challenged by getting others to realize it. With 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and five years as a PT, I have met many different clients and worked successfully with everything from weight loss and rehab to high performing triathletes and skiers. One of my strengths is that I see the big picture and strive for balance. I want my clients in addition to established targets also have greater wellbeing, on all levels.

Lic. Personal Trainer
Masseur, European Massage Academy
Yoga PT
Exercise for pregnant women

Contact: NOTE! Parental leave 2018

Our PT prices

The more PT hours you buy, the more discount you will get. A package can contain 5 to 30 hours.
The PT time is 60 minutes unless otherwise stated. Prices below are member prices. We have a 10 package for those who are not members, where entrance is included in the price.

1 times 650 SEK
5 times 3130 SEK (626 SEK/time)
10 times 5930  SEK (593 SEK/time)
20 times 11100 SEK (555 SEK/time)
30 times 15700 SEK (523 SEK/time)

As of 2018-01-01 you can use your health care allowance for Personal Training!

PT express is the time saving way to work with a Personal Trainer. A PT express session is 30 minutes.
1 time 385 SEK
10 times 3560 SEK (356 SEK/time)

PT Duo is for those who want to work out with a personal trainer and want to do it with a friend.
A personal trainer coaching and help both of you during a hard workout.
Duo 1 times 445 SEK / person
Duo 10 times 3995 SEK / person (400 SEK/person and time)

For those of you who are not members, we offer a PT packet where the entrance fee is included
10 times 7050 SEK (SEK 705 SEK/session)

Book a PT-session

Click here to book a session with a Personal Trainer.

Free gymintro

We offer all members a free introduction to the gym with one of our Personal Trainers You can book the Gymintro in the group training booking, max 6 persons per gymintro. We offer the Gymintro Mondays or Tuesdays, please check our group training booking to find a session.