Questions about membership

Do I have to be a student or belong to KTH to become a member?
No. KTH-hallen is open to everybody.

Is it possible to do a training trial?
Yes, you can attend a group training class or try our gym one time for free.

What means of payment works with you?
We are cash-free and only card payment is possible.

Is KTH-hallen open during the summer holidays?
Yes. During a few weeks in summertime it will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays. The opening hours will be limited during the weeks. Definite opening hours will be published in April.

Can I put my membership on hold (Freeze)?
Only the annual (One Year) Membership where the entire amount has been paid at once can be put on hold. Freezing can only take place in case of long term illness (at least 30 days), studies / work elsewhere (at least 90 days and 365 days maximum) or military service (at least 90 days and 365 days maximum). To be able to put your membership on hold, you need
to show a (medical) certificate. Freezing cannot be done afterwards.

Questions about direct debit

How do I cancel my derict debit membership?
You email your cancellation to service@kth-hallen.se. You will receive a confirmation of the cancellation. We DO NOT accept cancellations at the reception desk.

How long is the notice period for my direct debit membership?
The notice period is 30 days.

When do you withdraw money from my account for my direct debit membership?
We make the first draw from your account on the 28th of each month (except for when this is a bank holiday). Hereafter, we will do two more tries for the next three weekdays. We cannot change these dates.

What happens if I do not have money on my account?
If your payment is denied, we will send out an invoice. A reminder fee will be added to the outstanding amount. If your payment for the invoice sent is not registered with us at the due date, the case will be sent to debt collection. In case of debt collection questions, please contact Kredithanterarna at 010-195 96 60.

Questions about court rent

Do I have to be a member to rent a court?
No. You do not have to be a member to rent a court or have a massage treatment.