Contract hours

Would you like to play floorball, basketball or volleyball in KTH-hallen during autumn 2017? 

On this website it is possible to see available times for autumn 2017. You book you contract hour by contacting In your e-mail you let us know what time you would like to book, your name, personal number and telephone number. You will get a confirmation on your booking and an invoice send to your e-mail address. The invoice need to be paid within 10 days. The autumn semester begin on the 14th of August and goes on until the 30th of December 2017.

07:00-08:00     Court A + B
11:00-12:00     Court A
12:00-13:00     Court A + B

07:00-08:00     Court A + B
08:00-09:00     Court A
11:00-12:00     Court B

07:00-08:00     Court A
16:00-17:00     Court A

07:00-08:00     Court A
15:00-16:00     Court A

07:00-08:00     Court A + B
12:00-13:00     Court A
13:00-14:00     Court A + B
14:00-15:00     Court A + B
15:00-16:00     Court A
19:00-20:00     Court A + B

12:00-13:00    Court A + B

13:00-14:00    Court A + B
14:00-15:00    Court A + B
15:00-16:00    Court B
16:00-17:00    Court B

Red market court = only booking of floorball, basketball or volleyball
Court A: floorball, basketball or volleyball
Court B: floorball or badminton


If you do not find any times available? It is possible to plat floorball and badminton in our sport center in Valletuna. Karbyhallen is locades on Vadavägen 1 i Brottby, Vallentuna.
Please click here to visit Karbyhallen


Court Price
Big court (floorball, basketball or volleyball) 430 SEK/hour (one year) 455 SEK/hour (one semester)
Small court (badminton) 150 SEK/hour (one year) 165 SEK/hour (one semester)